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Yes, it is possible to do two tones windows and doors. The possible combinations are: D. Bone white with D. Bermuda bronze or D. Black. And D. Arcadia Silver with D. Sunstorm Silverstorm.

Two tone finishes are only available in our Prestige line. We invite you to visit our website where you can find more information about the Prestige line: https://eswindows.com/prestige/

For the accessory finish, the color of the accessory must correspond to the side that it is locate at. If the window/door is closed, customers must be able to see each side (internal/external) on just one finish.
When there are screens, they may not apply to this condition. On systems like the 46T, hinges and cylinders may be visible from the exterior, in that case the external finish would be the color of it. In the case of other systems or sets of both handle finishes may be sent for the customer to install accordingly (internal/external) on site.

It depends, and the lead time can vary from 90 to 120 days.

We have available a miscellaneous book for every system. You may request this information to: [email protected]

A small missile impact glass (SMI) usually has a thinner interlayer compared to a large missile impact glass (LMI). This difference is due to the different types of conditions they are exposed to.

The small missile impact glass/system will be used in higher locations of a building (4th floor and above usually) because it needs to resist high velocity winds. For SMI glass products it's common to work with gasket.

Large missile impact glass/systems are located on the first floors (3rd floor or below usually) were a heavy impact is more likely to happen. Therefore, the interlayer gap must be stronger. Usually the LMI glass will be sealed with structural silicone.

Not all series are tested for the same velocity rates.
There is a formula to calculate these velocities based on the pressures shown by their certification (NOA/FBC)

  • * MPH = Sqrt (Square root) (PSF / 0.00256)
  • * MPH = Miles per hour
  • * PSF = Pressure of the window you want to calculate

For example: An ES-EL100 with Hi-rise Sill has pressures of +/-80 means your window was tested with the following velocity:
MPH: Sqrt of 80/0.00256= 176.78

HS is short for Heat Strengthened which means a glass has received resistance treatment.
Some properties of HS are listed below:

  • * HS glass differs from tempered glass in surface compression; its mechanical strength is about 1.6-2 times that of annealed glass.
  • * HS glass has outstanding thermal stability; its flatness and light transmission is close to that of annealed glass and much better than that of tempered glass.
  • * HS Glass is 3 times more resistant to thermal stress in comparison to normal annealed glass.
  • * It can withstand temperature difference of 100°C (in range of 50°C to 150°C) compared to ordinary annealed glass which can withstand up to 40°C.
  • * Heat strengthened glass is far less susceptible to spontaneous breakage.
  • * HS glass has a comparatively flatter finish than fully tempered glass. It therefore has lesser optical distortions and so can be used in places where high optical quality is required.
  • * It can be used for general glazing where additional strength or resistance to mechanical/thermal loads caused by certain tinted or coated glass. The glass can also be used in high wind load areas but cannot be used in any safety glazing applications.
  • * HS glass is widely used in laminated glass for additional strength, such as overhead and sloped glazing.


ES Windows systems are certified by the state of Florida; therefore, the locking mechanism should not be modified for other different than the one originally tested.
However, the customer may search the market for handles that work with the locking mechanisms that ES Window doors uses.

The dimensions depend on the system required. You may request this information to: https://eswindows.com/contact/

It can be verified through the depth of the systems, in order to give a similar visualization.

The minimum radius depends on the system required. You may request this information to: https://eswindows.com/contact/

The standard height of door handles is 43", in case you have a door with smaller dimensions, we recommend validating its operability and the profile dimensions.

Please find below the websites for each certification:

You may find information at the NFRC's website if the product is certified, if not, please consult with ES Windows: [email protected]

Egress is the minimum opening dimensions a system must have in order to allow the outflow of people in case of an emergency. Basic information is the following:

  • Minimum window height 24"
  • Minimum window width 20"

For the ES-6000/ES-6100, ES-6500/ES-6600, ES-EL400, ES-SGD2020 we use ZAMAK, and for the 2400ST we use Stainless Steel.


ES Windows sends and Order Status Report (OS) every week to our customers, this report indicates the status of the order and the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).

If you are not a direct client and have purchased your order through one of our authorized distributors, we recommend that you contact them directly because due to internal policies, none of our collaborators are allowed to provide this kind of information for other than our direct client.

ETA is short for Estimated Time of Arrival and is the day that the container is scheduled to arrive to the port.

Delivery Date makes reference to the day our customer will receive the container/truck and download the merchandise. The exact day and time is subject to the appointment previously stablished by our delivery team.

ETA and Delivery Date may not always be the same day.

All of our requests must be done through the original authorized distributor and can only be provided if you have the original order name or PO given by ES Windows.

In case you don't know or are no longer in contact with the original distributor, you can send us an email to [email protected] confirming the original order name or PO provided by ES Windows.
***This information is very important as without it we will not be able to help you.

ES Windows warranty times will vary depending on the type of product that was purchased, as we offer two different warranties:

  • Standard Warranty (Commercial Edifications)
  • Residential Warranty (Single family residence)

For further information, please contact your local distributor who will explain in which cases you acquired our Standard or Residential Warranty.

***Our warranty coverage makes reference to the replacement of parts and pieces free of charge but does not extend to the installation or onsite replacement of it.

For any missing or damaged parts it must be reported upon delivery and up to 24h after.
Delivery makes reference to the Delivery Date to our authorized distributor, not to the final customer.

In case you consider your products have a manufacture's defect and wish to request replacement under warranty, please contact your original distributor as all requests must be done through them.

In case you don't know or are no longer in contact with the original distributor, you can send us an email to [email protected] confirming the original order name or PO provided by ES Windows. Pictures and videos of the defect will be needed as well.
***This information is very important as without it we will not be able to help you.

In case you need replacement of pieces and parts that are no longer covered under warranty, we ask you to please contact us at [email protected] and share your name and location, our Customer Service team will find an authorized distributor near you that will help you quote the parts and install them if necessary.

In order to perform maintenance to your products, we invite you to verify the family of products they belong to and follow the links below to obtain our authorized maintenance manuals. https://eswindows.com/product/