Residential windows and doors
designed for quality and affordability

Residential windows and doors designed for quality and affordability

The Multimax line was developed for multi-family projects with top security measures in collaboration with leading architects and designers.

Quality meets affordability

More than 30 years of experience as a window and door manufacturer has allowed us to develop this line of products withstanding the stringent Miami-Dade protocols.


Single source warranty: in-house aluminum and glass processing

Superior energy efficiency with Solarban 70 Low-E glass

Laminated glass by industry leader Tecnoglass

White and bronze aluminum finishes

Heat strengthened and annealed glass in clear and gray as an option

Corrosion-resistant hardware for coastal areas as standard

Developed in collaboration with architects and designers

Developed in collaboration with
architects and designers

Designed for quality and affordability.

Designed for quality and affordability.

Engineering and design

We offer the right solutions for the most complex projects and respond efficiently to the demands of architects and general contractors. We can deliver reliable, efficient, and affordable products, due to a combination of advanced software technology and a team of expert engineers and designers, who specialize in aluminum, glass, and window systems.

The Multimax Line provides customers with the perfect combination of reliability, design, and performance across a wide range of product types. Whether you are looking for noise reduction, temperature control, or protection from extreme weather, our line of products can provide the perfect performance solution, without compromising aesthetics.


Our engineers and designers provide ongoing assistance and technical support to ensure the best solution for each type of project. We offer each customer complete and exclusive guidance, pointing out the main factors to consider in order to plan and carry out their construction with maximum benefits.

Colors & finishes





Design elements

Every Multimax window and door benefits from a combination of premium materials, cutting-edge production technology and the talent of an experienced team. All of these result in precise, stylish designs that will endure over time.